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Novexx ALX 73x Print & Apply


  • Thermal Transfer/Direct Thermal
  • 300 dpi Near Edge Printhead
  • Real Time Clock
  • Dispensing Speed: up to 50m/min
  • Label Output: up to 400 labels/min

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The ALX systems meet today’s high standards for product coding and identification and offer reliable solutions for virtually any print and apply requirement:

• High or low volumes 

• 24/7 production

• Top and side labelling with different product label positions

• Ribbon saving mechanism uses any non-printed area above 6 mm

• User friendly features: multi-language display, easy replaceable printhead

• Application-linked applicators (LA-TO, LA-BO, LA-SO) complete the system. (see below) 

(HIGH SPEED) – ALX 734/735/736

• Annual costs are as much as 50% lower compared to competitive solutions and significantly increase your R.O.I.

• Increase uptime with easy integration into existing systems

• Large label and ribbon rolls

• Modular parts for quick maintenance,

• Tandem function and easy-to-use controls

• Enhances productivity with high print and apply speeds of up to 400 labels/min (50 m/min)  


LA-TO: Touch On Applicator   LA-BO: Blow On Applicator   LA-SO: Swing On Applicator