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Century D10 Label Dispenser

  • Reflective sensor
  • One simple adjustment for label length
  • A special reflective sensor sits below the label to sense the leading edge of the label






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    As a label is picked up, the next one is automatically advanced. The design presents the label at the front of the machine, providing optimum convenience for both left-handed and right-handed operators. A High-low speed switch allows adjustment for label length or operator preference. There are no mechanical position switches to cause adjustment or operational problems. The stainless steel models are ideal for food industry and pharmaceutical applications. Easy loading, works with labels as short as 1/4", 9" x 9" footprint

    Not for transparent labels. Label width: 1/2" to 4.5", Label length: .25" to 8" or more, Roll Diameter: 8.6" max, Core ID: 1.5" to 3", 9" x 9" footprint