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Bixolon SRP-350 Plus Thermal Receipt Printer

SRP 350 Plus

  • Fast printing speed of up to 7.87 ips(30% faster than the SRP-350)
  • Optimized mechanical components and software to enable fast and stable printing
  • Improved CPU (32 Bit), Bigger Memory (4 M Bits) and increased Receive Buffer (64K byte)
  • USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) on board standard
  • Autocutter up to 1.8 million cuts with easy paper jam removal
  • Customer oriented software tools provided
  • Virtual Memory Switch Manager
  • NV image download tool
  • 2D barcode support  PDF417, QR Code

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Bixolon SRP-350 Thermal Receipt Printer

srp 350 receipt printer

  • 5.9 ips high-speed printing
  • A simple drop-in loading system
  • Drivers are fully available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/XP/2003 server and OPOS
  • Various interface cards (RC-232C, RS-485, Parallel, USB, USBSerial, Powered USB, 10/100 base T)
  • NV Memory for Bit map Data Storage
  • Barcode printing
  • Page mode printing
  • Easy customization by software program
  • Convenient paper jam clearance
  • 4 KB Data Buffer
  • Small Footprint, Ergonomic Design
  • Dual Cash Drawer Kick-Outs
  • Available in ivory or dark grey

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Bixolon SRP-F310 Thermal Receipt Printer





• 3.14"/ 3.26" selectable paper width
• 10.6 ips high-speed printing
• One touch cover open and easy paper loading
• Larger paper roll capability  4.13"
• Multiple Interfaces
• Cash drawer kick-out
• Front Control Panel
• Full Featured Bixolon POS Software

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Bixolon STP-103 Thermal Receipt Printer

stp-103• Speeds of up to 50mm per second
• High resolution of 203 dpi
• Drivers are available for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/XP/2003 server and OPOS
• Available cash drawer port with Buzzer
• Compact foot printer (2inch Thermal Printer)
• Graphic Printing
• Small size and light weight
• RS232 and Parallel interface
• 15KB buffer
• Baud rate up to 115,200 bps
• Support international character set

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Bixolon SRP-275 Impact Receipt Printer


SRP-275 Bixolon• Drop in and print paper loading
• Faster and quieter
• Built in power supply
• Easy download program
• Print alarm buzzer for noisy places
• User friendly printer setting program
• Option of an autocutter and takeup
• Ability to print one original plus two copies
• Reliability (1.8 million lines)
• Flexible paper widths
• Space efficient/optional vertical and wall mount kits available

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Bixolon SRP-270 Impact Receipt Printer

SRP-270 Bixolon• Fast output printing 40 columns at 4.6 lines per second
• Single / color highlight option
• SRP-270D type version automatically spools printed paper into a conveniently storable roll.
• Black mark sensor for pre printed documents
• Recessed cable connections keep cables securely connected and free of accidental disconnection
• Space efficient /optional vertical and wall mount kits available.

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Bixolon SRP-500 Inkjet Receipt Printer


SRP-500• Fast print speed of 13 lines per second
• Choice of four color options Black, red, green and blue
• Drop-in replacement for leading impact receipt printers
• Low Operating Costs - Ink Dries Instantly
• User-Friendly Emulations
• Automatic Paper Loading Logic-Seeking
• No smearing or ink transfer
• Permanent printing
• Space efficient



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Bixolon SPP-R200 Mobile Receipt Printer

SRP-R200• Rugged design and Small size
• Damage-resistance to multiple drops of up to 1.2 meters (4 feet)
• Rubber over-molding
• Faster printing speeds : Max. up to 3.15 inch/sec
• Long lasting Lithium-ion Battery (7.4V, 1200mAh)
• Operation hours : 8 hours
• Users are available to use up to 10 paper rolls(1.57") with one battery charge
• Stand-by : 14 hours
• Customer oriented software tools
• Easy-to-use
- One touch cover open and easy paper loading
- 4 step battery indicator and connectivity status
- Simple to change the mode from Receipt to Label(VMSM or Feed button)


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Bixolon SPP-100 Panel Receipt Printer


SPP-100 Bixolon• Compact size
• Soft cover open method
• Very quiet printing through direct thermal printing method
• Easy paper loading
• Simple structural design for parting and sticking
• Support text and graphic
• High Resolution (203 dpi:8 dots/mm)
• High speed (2.75 ips)
• Easy maintenance
• Large Memory Buffer : 15K
• Various international character set

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