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Labelmate TWIN-SLIT-100 Label Slitter

Includes: TWIN-CAT-3-CHUCK dual spindle rewinder, two 3" diameter Quick Chuck quick-locking C76-170 core chucks, S-100 two blade slitter, CAT-3 standard rewinder with 3" Fin Style core holder used as a variable tension control unwinder to provide the maximum control over rewind tension, adjustable locking bar, HSB-10 replacement blades. Web width: up to 6", Roll diameter: up to 8.6", Speed: up to 30" / sec.

Labelmate SLIT-100 Package Label Slitters

SLIT-100-DELUXE:  Includes: S-100 6" 2-Blade slitter, CAT-2-CHUCK, with a 3" diameter, 6" width Quick Chuck core chuck and high torque option, CAT-2 standard rewinder used as a variable tension-control unwinder. provides the maximum control over rewind tension, 2 aluminum and 2 plastic separator plates, adjustable locking bar, HSB-10 replacement blades. Web width: up to 6".
Also Available: SLIT-200-DELUXE (10")

Labelmate S-100 Heavy Duty label Slitters

6" wide heavy-duty label slitter. with 2 blade holders and blades, Speed up to 30 ips. Requires a CAT-3-CHUCK with high torque option or TWIN-CAT-3 Rewinder to pull the label web through the cutting blades

Labelmate Separator Plates Label Slitter


Use when slitting. Makes removal of slit rolls easy. Label separator plates keep slit label rolls from interleaving or telescoping.. Use aluminum separator plates for the inner and outer plates, and thin plastic separator plates in-between slit rolls. Typical order: 2 aluminum (AL) separator plates plus plastic (PL) plates equal to the number of cutting blades.