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CensaMark CM2500 Thermal Ribbon

CM2500CM2500 prints on a wide variety of label stocks.  It is abrasion and solvent resistant and is well-suited for printing durable images on coated tags, uncoated tags, and glossy print media. CM2500 has a unique anti-static formulation that helps to extend the life of the printhead. CM2500 produces long lasting, durable images at print speeds up to 12 ips.


Substrates:  Coated Paper, Uncoated Paper, Synthetic Paper, Polypropylene,  Polyethylene, Polyolefin, Kimdura®, Valeron®, Polyart®

Applications: Asset Tracking, Flexible Packaging, General, Healthcare, Horticulture, Inventory, Logistics, Medical Devices, Outdoor, Parts Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Product ID, Retail, Shelf, Shipping, Signage, Textile