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ITW Thermal Films B814 Extreme Plus ESR

Extreme Plus ESR™ – Specialty resin for highly specified ribbon/label combinations that offers superior durability and chemical resistance and resilience to withstand harsh environments. This option should be used in only the most demanding of applications.

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ITW Thermal Films B813 Extreme ESR

Extreme ESR™ - Medium/low print energy, high scratch and abrasion resistance, and high resistance to common agents (chemical 1), medium high resistance to some hazardous chemicals (chemical 2). Application testing is critical.

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ITW Thermal Films B324 Durable ESR

Durable ESR™ – Medium/high label flexibility, medium print energy, high scratch and abrasion resistance, medium/high resistance to chemical 2 (hazardous chemicals). This resin ribbon would be used in the more demanding applications that require high durability and chemical resistance. Ribbon/label combined performance is key, therefore it is highly recommended that a solution approach be used by specifying both products for the application.

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