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Award Winning Desktop Labeling Solutions

NiceLabel offers labeling solutions for basic and advanced label design.


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NiceLabel Designer Express

Basic labeling for small businesses. 

Easily create bar code labels

Designer Express wizards help you quickly and easily design labels.

You can start printing finished labels in minutes. 

Use a wizard to create or use pre-designed label templates
Database wizard helps you connect to Excel spreadsheets
Object wizards include counters, prompts and date/time stamps.
Barcode wizard helps you create and confugre barcodes
Graphic wizard gives you access to a comprehensive clipart library 

Download Nicelabel Designer Express



NiceLabel Designer Standard

Industrial labeling made easy. 

Easily design professional labels 

Designer Standard's wizards make it easy to do common label tasks including connecting to your existing databases.

Label wizard helps you create or use pre-designed label templates

Database wizard helps you connect to OLE/ODBC databases
Object wizards help you create serial numbers, prompts, date/time stamps, linked-fields and expressions
Barcode wizards help you create barcodes such as GS1-128 

Download Nicelabel Designer Standard 



NiceLabel Designer Pro

Professional labeling industry. 

Every feature you need for compliance labeling. 

The designer includes all the layout and data tools you need to design labels allowing easy compliance with industry standards.

Includes the latest pre-designed compliance label templates

Supports over 70 barcode types (linear, 2D & composite)
Advanced layout - rich text, curved text, paragraphs, line styles, grouping, shape fill, relative positioning, etc
Advanced RFID tag support 

Download Nicelabel Designer Pro



NiceLabel PowerForms Desktop

Label designer and application builder. 

Eliminate label printing errors. 

Select the database record, see the label preview, and the printer status, and then print your labels. Less manual data entry and better label oversight makes a high level of quality control part of your normal printing process.

Include tight data-entry validation constraints and reduce manual keying errors.

Disable printing when the printer is in error state avoiding label misprints and duplicate serial numbers.
Print preview displays an exact real-time label representation as you key data or select database records.

Download Nicelabel PowerForms Desktop